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Crystal lamp

Crystal lamp

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16 LIGHT COLORS CAN BE CHOSEN AS YOU LIKE: with a touch switch design, intimate and convenient, the light is delicate, comfortable and natural, and protects the health of you and your family.

Name: Crystal Table Lamp
Color: Transparent
Material: Acrylic
Process: Acrylic cutting
Switch mode: Touch switch
Dimming: 16 colors adjustable
Power: 5W
Product size: Height 8.66 * diameter 3.54 inch
Packing: Single piece: 5*5*11 inch, single piece weight: 849g/piece
Battery: Full 2000 mAh lithium battery
Endurance: It can last about 10 hours when fully charged

Package Included:

1 * RGB 16-Colors Crystal Diamond Table Lamp + 1 * USB Cable + 1 * 16-Colors Remote Control (Rechargeable)

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